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Benefit: May support building and maintaining strong bones. May help the heart, muscles and nerves function properly.
Dosage: 75mg

Benefit: Considered essential to all metabolic processes. May help regulate blood sugar.
Dosage: 250mcg

Benefit: May help prevent premature aging and regulate energy production. May help regulate heart rhythm and support wound healing.
Dosage: 2mg

Benefit: May encourage DNA synthesis and repair. May support cell and tissue growth.
Dosage: 800mcg

Benefit: May help ensure normal thyroid function. May support healthy growth of skin, hair and nails.
Dosage: 200mcg

Benefit: May help increase energy while calming anxiety and eliminating muscle fatigue. May help prevent headaches, help with digestion and support healthy sleep patterns.
Dosage: 200mg

Benefit: May support healthy bone structure. May assist in metabolic activity in the body.
Dosage: 5mg

Benefit: May help facilitate the breakdown of enzymes in the body. May aid in fighting inflammation and autoimmune diseases.
Dosage: 80mcg

Benefit: May support muscle strength and metabolism. May enhance water balance, electrolyte function and nervous system function.
Dosage: 50mg

Benefit: May help increase blood flow and fight free radicals. May benefit heart health and reduce inflammation.
Dosage: 200mcg

Benefit: Considered essential in muscle contraction and proper enzyme function. Considered crucial in osmoregulation and fluid maintenance within the human body.
Dosage: 15mg

Benefit: May support immune health, reproduction and bone growth. May help the body repel viruses more effectively.
Dosage: 2,666IU

Benefit: Considered essential to the breakdown of fats and proteins in the body. May help keep mucous membranes healthy.
Dosage: 75mg

Benefit: Cannot be stored in the body, so a daily dose is required to maintain optimum levels. Considered essential to energy production.
Dosage: 75mg

Benefit: May help lower risk for cardiovascular disease. May help balance cholesterol levels in the body.
Dosage: 75mg

Benefit: Considered effective in partially alleviating symptoms of asthma, allergies and stress. May be effective in combatting various heart problems.
Dosage: 100mg

Benefit: Considered important for cardiovascular, immune and nervous system function. May help regulate mood, and may be necessary for proper brain development.
Dosage: 40mg

Benefit: May help improve metabolism and tissue maintenance. Considered effective in supporting healthy skin, hair and nail growth.
Dosage: 300mcg

Benefit: May help keep nerves and red blood cells healthy. Signs of deficiency often include fatigue.
Dosage: 300mcg

Benefit: May help boost the immune system. May help combat hypertension.
Dosage: 250mcg

Benefit: May help maintain health bones and teeth. May help maintain overall health and wellness.
Dosage: 2,000IU

Benefit: May help combat free radicals in the body. May help maintain overall health and wellness.
Dosage: 164IU

Benefit: May help blood clotting function in the body. Considered necessary for proper calcium regulation in the body.
Dosage: 0.8mcg

Benefit: May help with hormone production, growth and repair. Considered to have therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Dosage: 50mg

Benefit: May help maintain healthy bones and brain function. May help with proper cell membrane function.
Dosage: 2mg

Benefit: May be important for proper liver function, brain development and nerve function. May support energy levels and healthy metabolism.
Dosage: 100mg

Benefit: May help support the immune system. May help regulate energy and reduce high cholesterol.
Dosage: 10mg

Benefit: May help maintain healthy skin and hair. May help support and maintain overall health and wellness.
Dosage: 60mg

Benefit: May help protect and repair the body. May support prevention of heart-related diseases.
Dosage: 1mg

Benefit: May aid in the absorption of other vitamins and minerals by the body.
Dosage: 15mg



more FOCUS, simple

Mugen's CEREBRO is a powerful cognitive enhancement supplement. CEREBRO works to improve memory, creativity, and motivation by providing the nutrients needed to allow you to focus longer and harder than ever before. This is your “start-the-day”, the edge you need to outperform and optimize cognitive output on all levels.

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Mugen's BLOX is a full-spectrum amino acid supplement. BLOX will sustain your essential bodily functions at optimum levels throughout each day. BLOX provides replenishment, aiding in metabolism function, recovery, and elimination of fatigue as well as maintenance of a strong immune system. This is your “throughout-the-day”, the cornerstone to optimizing physical output on all levels.

let me know when i can buy!
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