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Testosterone - What you need to know

Testosterone - What you need to know

Are you someone who loves to exercise and also eats healthy?  Are you also someone who thinks more is better and that going hard in the gym daily is the answer to your fitness goals?  While it's important to eat healthy and train hard, too much of a good thing can actually counteract all that hard work.  Here's how...

Research has shown that high-volume training can cause a decrease in testosterone, which is the hormone needed to put on muscle mass.  It's also critical to overall health, and in supporting your internal processes.  You don't have to be a triathlete to suffer the effects of low testosterone, either, but there are many ways to ensure that your testosterone levels are always primed and ready for action.

First, what is testosterone?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone secreted in the testes that supports your reproductive system, libido and sexual function.  It is also important in protein synthesis, which in turn affects overall performance, bone density and muscular development.  If deficient, sexual dysfunction, infertility, growth stunting and low bone-mineral density can occur.  It also may lead to low energy, depression and sleep problems.

Should I supplement with testosterone?

Short answer is that you may not need to, and definitely should not unless you have done everything else to boost your testosterone, under the care of a physician, and nothing is working.  If you begin supplementing testosterone, the body will stop making its' own.  This in turn may affect healthy sperm production and fertility.  Worth the risk?  Probably not.  Unless you have a proven medical condition preventing yo from producing sufficient testosterone, it's also banned in most all bodybuilding competitions, so if your goal is to compete, please think hard about what you decide to put into your body.

Ok, so how can I cure my low T?

First, make sure you are consuming enough calories from food.  Also, make sure that your caloric consumption matches your lifestyle (i.e. - active individuals may require a higher caloric intake than sedentary individuals).  

If you are getting enough food and still not solving the issue, talk to your doctor!  There are now prescription solutions available that can help cure low T without all the health risks associated with other forms of "locker room" testosterone therapy.

Most of all, don't panic, and take it slow.  There are ways to solve low T but there is no such thing as an overnight cure or a "one-time-only" method.  Approach the issue holistically with the support of a professional health practitioner and you will find yourself on the road to health in no time!

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