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Why You Need a Great Multivitamin Nutritional Supplement

Why You Need a Great Multivitamin Nutritional Supplement

On the fence about whether or not you should be supplementing your diet with a multivitamin / multimineral nutritional supplement?

The nutrition industry is full of clashing opinions on the necessity or non-necessity of a multivitamin / multimineral supplement being important to the everyday individual's daily diet.  We at Mugen are, of course, pro-multivitamin, and believe the multivitamin to be one of the cornerstones of health and nutrition.  Here's how you can experience those benefits yourself.  

While most people can get the macronutrients they need (carbs, protein, fat), from their daily diet, it's often the micronutrients they end up missing out on.  The "letter vitamins" (A, B, C, D, E, K), as well as important nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine, and iron, should all be taken into consideration when fortifying a diet, as not only do they sometimes not live in the food we eat, but other times can be affected by things outside of our diets, such as stress or level of daily physical activity.

More activity = Higher bodily demand for nutrition

Most of us love to be on the go, to move, to exercise.  This is a good thing.  However, interestingly enough this very act also depletes vitamin and mineral stores in the body, requiring us to make sure we maintain these levels through diet and nutritional supplementation.  Without this counterbalance, our performance, and our health, would suffer.  This is where the vitamins & minerals in a nutritional supplement like Mugen ENDO come in.  Vitamin B, copper, iron and others all help maintain healthy metabolic function, which in turn fuels thedigestion and absorption of other vitamins and minerals into our bodies to keep us functioning at optimum level.  

How diet plays a role

Most likely, if you are an overall healthy individual it is in part because you are active in some way on a consistent basis, but it is also most likely due to your daily nutritional regimen.  Veggies, proteins, carbs, fats, it's likely that you maintain healthy balance of all these elements on a daily basis.  One consideration, though, is that even if what you are putting into your body is relatively healthy, if you have a strict routine you follow and it's not totally balanced, there are most definitely things you are missing out on, which is where multivitamin supplements come in, to fill the gaps.  This goes for individuals who are on specific dieting routines as well for weight loss or other health purposes.  Going on a diet does not change the fact that the body requires certain amounts of vitamins and minerals to function at its' best, so supplementing with a multivitamin would be a good idea in those cases as well.

Which multivitamin is right for me?

So, now that you know why we take multivitamin nutritional supplements and how they help us maintain our health and maximize our daily performance, which one should you be taking?  (Mugen ENDO of course!) All multivitamins are different, and if you have ever taken a look at the vitamin section of a super market or drug store, you know there are a lot of them.  Even if you don't consult with a professional health practitioner or doctor prior to use (highly recommended), you should always read the labels and compare.  Some vitamins are tailored to women, some to men, some are made for all, some contain iron (not necessarily a good thing in a multivitamin by the way), some have more of one mineral than another, and the list goes on.  In the end you will need to pick the one you feel is right for your individual situation and give it a try.  

Mugen ENDO Multivitamin / Multimineral is a complete nutritional supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals to support the general health needs of active men and women.  Taken as a single dose each morning, ENDO provides over 370mg of B-complex vitamins, high potency dosages of Vitamin D3 and Zinc, plus full servings of many key trace micronutrients, enzymes, minerals as well as antioxidants vital for optimizing and supporting overall health.  Try it today, your body will thank you.  (



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