Exercise and You

Exercise and You

When was the last time you went for a run?  Hit the weights?  Jumped rope?  If you are an avid exerciser it may have been a day ago, even a few hours ago.  If not, perhaps it's been years or more.  Exercise is important for long term health and wellness.  Let's explore...

Exercise and the brain

Thinking back to earlier times in human history, it's evident that movement is a part of who we are.  Humans needed to move in order to migrate.  They moved in order to hunt.  They moved in order to dance, to play sports, some of these traditions carrying over into modern times.  Exercise is one of the quintessential human conditions.  Studies show that exercise not only makes us happier and healthier, it also increases positive activity in the brain.  Depending on the movement, creativity, focus, longevity, all these and more may also be affected.

A controversial argument

It's not uncommon to hear these days that sedentary lifestyles contribute to heart disease.  In other words, too much sitting can be bad for your health, is common opinion in some circles.  There may be other contributing factors to this theory, however it can be discerned that certain chronic illnesses that plague society do manifest as a result of lack of movement and exercise.  On the other hand, those who exercise experience cognitive improvement and an overall boost in their health.

Cardio vs Weights - which is better and why?

Some studies show that long-distance runners and swimmers experience changes in cortical activity, or a prolonged flow state post-exercise, some cases demonstrating a prolonged state of heightened cognitive output.

Endorphins are also shown to be positively affected while running long distance, and these increase mood and happiness.

Weight lifting on the other hand, strains the central nervous system in different ways, and this causes greater output of chemicals such as growth hormone and testosterone.  

HIIT (high intensity interval training), on the other hand, can increase mitochondrial activity more than any other type of exercise.  This increase is the foundation for higher levels of cognitive performance sustained over longer periods of time, and it protects our brains from long-term damage.

In the end, the type of exercise you choose is up to you, your goals and your lifestyle.  One thing is for sure, though, and that's that movement is the key to some major long term health benefits we all should remain aware of.  


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